FinoZen's Core Principle

We at FinoZen believe that Indian people need to be aware of more profitable investment opportunities rather than just banks' Saving Accounts and Fixed Deposits. We assist our users in making more returns on their investments.
Who Is Behind FinoZen?

FinoZen is the brain child of Varun Gupta, an IIT graduate who is also a certified mutual fund advisor. He ensures that everyone in FinoZen is working towards providing a hassle free investing experience to our users. He is always reachable at varun@finozen.com and please feel free to drop him an email if you ever have any query or an unresolved issue from our customer support team.

FinoZen Relies on Trust Factor

Started and lead by a team of exceptional minds from IIT and IIM with more than 25+ years cumulative experience in financial services. FinoZen is SEBI regulated and an AMFI certified [Click to see the certificate - ARN Number - 107100] entity on the path to increase people's awareness towards high rewarding income investments.

  • Why keep your money dormant when you can get daily returns. I found the concept of FinoZen very meaningful.
  • A much needed and long awaited first step towards changing investment mindset. FinoZen must be tried by everyone.
  • Loved it. Very good and very useful. Although one suggestion I would like to make, if you create online bank like dbs india app, it will be more convenient. Then we can pay directly from this app for anything.
    Sanjay Prakash
  • Its Nice App For Easy Earning Purpose Very Nice App For Earning. It's Easy To earn without any works. App made less work and earn more. Thank you very much!
    Varun Deva
  • I like this app. Please go for it....👍 1 - As I already raised my concern regarding transaction details. It should indicate only those which are successfully received/withdrawn. I know we will receive notifications for successful transaction but as per my previous experience I received notification but not immediately. 2 - While investing/adding amount it is consuming more time which should not happen. 3 - We should able to view our Bank account details in this app along with KYC proofs.

Want To Talk To Us?

If you are looking for more information on how to invest and how we operate, you can get in touch with us using the contact us link give above. Just fill in the form and we will call you back or call us on the given number.
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