What is FinoZen?

FinoZen mobile app is a mutual fund investment app through which your money gets invested in a selected ultra-short term debt/liquid mutual fund that can grow your money potentially higher than fixed deposit rate. Generally banks give you only 3% to 6% interest rate on savings accounts and fixed deposits & also have a lock-in period. But with FinoZen, your money grows daily and you can withdraw 24X7 instantly without any penalty!
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How To Invest Through FinoZen App?
How To Withdraw From FinoZen App?

Why Choose FinoZen Over Banks?

We are changing the way people invest their idle money. Your money deserves more appreciation. We give it.

Indian Banks

  • Expected Annual Interest Rate: 3% to 6% pa.
  • Interest Credited: In 3 or 5 Months
  • Safety & Security: Very High
  • Min. Balance: Rs 1000 - Rs 30000
  • Account Creation: 1 week - 1 Month

Get a real-time view of your cashflow

You can literally watch your money grow on a daily basis.


Start Investing Today & watch your money grow on a daily basis. No lock-in period. Instant withdrawal.
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Testimonials - What Our Users Say!

  • Why keep your money dormant when you can get daily returns. I found the concept of FinoZen very meaningful.
  • A much needed and long awaited first step towards changing investment mindset. FinoZen must be tried by everyone.
  • Loved it. Very good and very useful. Although one suggestion I would like to make, if you create online bank like dbs india app, it will be more convenient. Then we can pay directly from this app for anything.
    Sanjay Prakash
  • Its Nice App For Easy Earning Purpose Very Nice App For Earning. It's Easy To earn without any works. App made less work and earn more. Thank you very much!
    Varun Deva
  • I like this app. Please go for it....👍 1 - As I already raised my concern regarding transaction details. It should indicate only those which are successfully received/withdrawn. I know we will receive notifications for successful transaction but as per my previous experience I received notification but not immediately. 2 - While investing/adding amount it is consuming more time which should not happen. 3 - We should able to view our Bank account details in this app along with KYC proofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is FinoZen App?
FinoZen app is the brain child of IIT and IIM alumni who collectively have more than 25 years of experience in the finance industry. The core idea behind the app is - Indians who are saving their hard earned money in banks through Savings Accounts and Fixed Deposits are not being rewarded much. Banks pay a meager 4-6% p.a. interest rate on these accounts, with FinoZen app you can potentially earn higher and without any lock-in period.
2How safe is my money?
Extremely safe, just like a bank. Your investment through FinoZen app goes directly to a high performing & pre-chosen mutual fund company. We do not access your money at any point of time. And you get to see the interest amount deposited into your account on a daily basis. That's like, watching your money grow on a daily basis. It's so cool and safe as well.
3Is investing in mutual funds safe for my money?
Your money grows constantly with minor hiccups and is independent of market movements! This is because your money gets invested in liquid/ultra-short debt funds which are very safe (almost as safe as your savings bank deposits) which gives stable returns.
4How much interest do I receive?
Historically, liquid and ultra short term debt funds (funds in which you invest via FinoZen) have yielded interest of 7%-9% per annum. And the salient feature of FinoZen is, you’ll have interest credited in your FinoZen account on a daily basis unlike banks which credit your account with interest quarterly or annually.
5What problem are we solving?
Most of us aren’t regular investors and hence more often than not whatever money we have keeps lying idle in savings bank account or at best will get locked away in fixed deposits. To solve the same problem we created FinoZen using which your money gets invested directly in your name on a pre-selected liquid mutual fund, which gives you daily returns and are as safe as savings bank deposit (as they also invest in govt. securities etc.), and can be withdrawn anytime i.e. no lock in like FDs.
6I still have a few questions. How can I reach your team?
Please use the contact us link in the menu above and use the form to submit your information. We will get back to you quickly.

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